Haapsalu 730


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Fiber Content: Wool 100%
Knitting Weight: Lace/Cobewb
Weight: 100 g
Needles: 000 to 1
Hooks: B1 , Steel 6,7,8
Care: Hand wash/Dry flat
Put Up: Skein
Made by Midara, Lithuania

Haapsalu - very soft and lacy merino wool yarn is the most prefect choice for your shawl project. Picture don't give the yarn color full description.  It is rich purple magenta going into burgundy. A shawl from this color will go nicely with any black dress and give you the feeling of royalty.
Could be doubled or even tripled to make a heavier project. If combined with Mohair -  makes your project  fuzzy, warm and light at the same time. Use bigger needles for that.
Haapsalu could also be used for lightweight sweaters, delicate blouses , stoles.
One skein usually is enough for a shawl or a stole