Linas 214 (1420)

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Fiber Content: 100% Linen
Knitting Weight: Very fine lace, close to cobweb
Weight: 100 g
Yards: 1420
Needles: 000 - 1
Hooks: B1 , steel 7,8
Put Up: Ball
Care: Hand wash/ Dry flat/ Iron if needed
Made by Midara, Lithuania

This lace linen thread, has 2 plies and 1420 yards in a 100 g ball. It is so soft, you will forget you are working with linen.

Linen is coming back to claim it's place in knitting and crocheting. You can knit or crochet hats, shawls and shawlettes , summery tanks and tees, even gloves and bikinis as well as sweaters. Linen doilies look beautiful, as well as summer dresses . 

As linen drapes very nicely, this particular linen is perfect for lace shawls  or scarfs. It will give you some warmth in colder weather and keep you cool in  higher temperatures. That is one of linen's features.

Summer dress , skirt or blouse will look just beautiful. It will take time to knit it, but it will be worthwhile.

I always check with Wikipedia when trying to describe the color, so it is a shade of brown- Earth Yellow mixed with Fulvous brown and a hint of Peach . Very exquisite color and will look amazing on tanned skin.

Linen ( flax ) yarn is very durable and with every wash it gets softer. We recommend all knitted or crocheted works hand-wash and dry-flat. First wash is recommended in cold water.
 All pictures are made in daylight, and in room light the shades may vary.